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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Annual Conference wandering the blogosphere

Barry Hessenius, the former director of the California Arts Council and currently a consultant and author of Barry's Blog, mentioned one of our Annual Conference sessions in a blog post recently. His post, which was specifically about the Omni-Directional Mentorship session being hosted by Edward Clapp, was also more expansively about the role and state of arts administrators in the field. It's a hard topic -- are we getting top-heavy as an industry, with more administrators than artists, or are we in fact experiencing the opposite, as Michael Kaiser believes: a dearth of competent arts professionals to keep the industry not just afloat but thriving in an increasingly competitive landscape?

Who knows? But we'll certainly be discussing that juicy tidbit and much more at our Annual Conference this coming Monday, May 10 in San Francisco.

To register for the Annual Conference, please visit before noon on Friday!

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