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Friday, April 2, 2010

Live Blog! Leveraging Social Media with Beth Kanter

You can’t do a project like this, create a real plan, in 60 minutes.This is just a flavor.

So, let’s do a three minute summary of your high level strategy:

1: Jewish community center: focus on an organization that has almost no social media at this moment. Want to meet people in 20-30s. Where are those people on line? What are they using? We when through listing, engaging, watching, sharing? What tools are they using to access social media? Is this something the organization could benefit from? Decided: Using survey monkey to survey those people about what social media they were engaged in. And engaging with people who where already engaged and using that as content. Partnering with people who already had social media set ups. Then using free alcohol and food to get them to the space.

What was brilliant – Alcohol.

Beth Kanter asks: How are you going to get the time to do all this?

Volunteers? Partnering and asking those companies who already do the work to network them. User driven content. (Beth Kanter: Yes. Simplify. How can others do the heavy lifting? And as far as fan or user content…think of them as micro volunteers. Give them tasks that are one time and take less than two mintues.)

2: Contemporary Dance: Listen and find. Our target is really busy and word of mouth is really important to them. Momapedia. Tap into heavy mom blogs and twitter feeds. Tweet ups or meet ups.Focusing on the family and events that would encourage influancers to engage. Use yelp for our organization.

Beth Kanter asks: How to others use yelp: Listen to reviewers.Direct facebook fans to yelp. Using yelp announcements. Yelp elite group was invited to events. Make sure you actually own the Yelp page and control the content so you can post events. Yelp can sponsor. Encourage network to yelp in a positive way.

What about you? Do you know effective ways to utilize Yelp?


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