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Friday, April 2, 2010

Live Blog! Leveraging Social Media with Beth Kanter

So the question is, after you have learned if you want to start crawling, walking, running or flying; who in your organization is going to actually be on the computer socializing for your organization?

The intern? Fan? Volunteer? A part time person? A full time person doing it part time? A full time person?

It's all about time management and project management. What does your organization need, what does your audience need, and how much time can you actually invest?

For many organizations here the questions are:
How can we control our content (as artists) if we are giving pieces of it away?
What if Facebook or Twitter is fleeting? How do we know what to invest our time in?
For small organizations, how can we justify spending any time on these social media things?

Before starting, know your social media policy. Need help finding one?

For now, create a safe place to fail. Identify worst case sceneries, develop contingency plans, and prepare for failing. When starting your social media plan, you can't expect when launching that it will succeed immediately. Don't be afraid to give something a joyful funeral when it doesn't work.

And now we're on a break. Everyone is asked as they leave: What was the most valuable idea or concept that you may apply to your social media strategy?


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