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Friday, April 2, 2010

Live Blog! Leveraging Social Media with Beth Kanter

Already we are talking about several levels of social media, just as a way for this work shop to communicate with each other now, next month and in the future. This includes a wiki: and a Twitter hash tag: #artslabsf. These devices will help you follow along as well.

This is not just a one day workshop. This is an ongoing conversation/workshop that will take place physically twice. Today and in June.

Beth is leading the room in ice breakers. What is your is your favorite artist and what genra? What is your organization and how are you using Social media? What is your burning question about Social Media? What do you already know about Social media?

Concerns from these questions:
My daughter wont go on Facebook, because she feels the older generation has taken it over.
My organization is already stretched.
What if our main audience doesn't use Facebook or Twitter?
How does all my content on Facebook talk to my website?
How do we relate this to our marketing plan?
How do we convince our media director this isn't a fad?
Who is really using Twitter and Facebook?

Strategy Blocks
Your social media strategy supports your media plan, communication, education, and change.
Listening to what people are actually saying
Engaging with people beyond the sell.
Social Content, videos, discussions, photos
Generate Buzz, give people something to talk about.
Movement Building with Multi channels, not just single delivery systems.

But, don't try and fly before you can walk. What can you actually do? What can your organization commit to? You don't have to do all channels at once. Do what is appropriate given your bandwidth and your audience.


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