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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OF: 6

What's working (discrete ideas):
Theatres that forge strong relationships with playwrights over time.
Playwright residencies work, in communities, in theatres.
Community support for playwrights (the book talks about SF here in particular, Adam Bock, Peter Nachtrieb, Liz Duffy Adams, etc). The power of multiple productions. (Case study of Amy Freed's Beard of Avon.) (Amy Freed is based in SF.)
Theatres band together to combat premiere-itis: National New Play Network. Rolling world premiere credit for three theatres.
Successful audience education around new work. How does this differ from marketing?

Shared principles: Favor clear & authentic communication. Flexible about the process to the work itself, alter scale, redraw maps (NNPN allows playwrights look at more theatres, instead a fewer larger ones). Rethink assumptions of how money is made, paid and granted. Audiences come in to process. Context alters perception. Embrace risk, ambition & the untried (and serve as inspireres).

Todd: "This [presentation] is the executive summary we refused to print." Read the book!

Break time....



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