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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OF: 1

Playwrights in the audience: Peter Sinn Nachtrieb, Eugenie Chan, Marisela Orta, Paul Heller, Mark Jackson, Tim Bauer, Naomi Newman, William Bivins, Roberta D'Alois, Liz Duffy Adams, Anne Galjour....

Show of hands showed about 90% of audience is playwrights.... Apologies for missing some names!

The Bay Area was one of the areas around the country where the authors collected data for the book, and they are traveling back to all those areas to do these presentations.

Tory Bailey (from TDF): 340 surveys for playwrights, got back 270 within 48 hours. A cross-section of playwrights across all stages of career. Tony winners to new, emerging playwrights. Theatre in study selected at random. Some selected because known for work with new plays. Got 100 theatres. "This is not an end this is a beginning." "This is the largest group we've presented too." (Yay, Bay Area!)

Ben Pesner: We've tapped into a national conversation that's been going on, that's important to be part of. (Referenced David Dower's Gates of Opportunity, available on Mellon website, the study on women playwrights and the blogosphere, particularly blogging playwrights.) This (the book) is a process, not a product.

Todd London: Noted that airline moved red eye flight to this afternoon so they can get back to NY ahead of the storm. So they're leaving around 1, but the conversation will continue until 2.

Todd will talk for an hour....



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