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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Passing Strange, One Week Only

I hope everyone in the Bay Area has heard about Spike Lee's film of Passing Strange, Berkeley Repertory Theatre's production that went off-Broadway and then on Broadway for six months, picking up a number of Obie awards and others along the way.

Spike Lee filmed the final two live performances and also shot performances without an audience so the cameras had better access to the stage--and the film was won raves from Roger Ebert, the New York Times and Rolling Stone, among others.

Check out Passing Strange, playing for one week only from October 2 to October 8 at San Francisco's Embarcadero Center Cinema and Berkeley's Shattuck Cinemas (a couple of blocks from where the musical was born). It's also available on demand to Comcast subscribers.

Photo: Daniel Breaker as Youth in Sundance Selects' Passing Strange. Photo by David Lee/Sundance.

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