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Friday, April 2, 2010

Live Blog! Leveraging Social Media with Beth Kanter

Build relationships with influencers on social media spaces. This is sort of like prospect research, but on a smaller scale. Journalists, for example, who are no longer at news papers are on Twitter, have their own blogs, and have followers on Facebook.

There are also bloggers, who are not part of the formal press structure, but are successful and can be treated as press.

You can use Social Media assessment tools to see who those influencers are and cultivate them.

Want to investigate your twitter followers for cultivation? Use
Crawling is having your branded content. Walking and running is engaging, spreading, and remixing the messages. This includes user created content. Flying is Co-Creating Social Content, exchanging Branded content and creating an ever moving exchange of information and discussion that creates real world experiences. But so few non-profit organizations do fly. Few organizations even like or trust their websites.

Do you like your website? Does your website engage with your audience?


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